Social Media and it’s business use

You will notice that more and more companies have strong presence in all forms of social media, and there’s a pretty good reason for that. There is a limit to number of customers and consumers, and companies worldwide have taken their advertising war to the brand new medium which attracts teens and older users alike. In fact, now’s about the time that the generations which were in their teens when they started using internet and have a habit of doing their research and shopping online have reached the age when they are the prime target audience for advertisment for all sorts of products, from home purchases to selling various services and and products.

What are the benefits a company with strong social media presence has over the company with no internet presence at all? Brand awareness and consumer awareness are two main factors for social media presence, but not the only ones. There’s always the SEO side of things to look at – if you’ve got a product that is being promoted in various ways on social networks, if there are people sharing and liking your content and if it’s something that’s being talked about, search engines will give you much higher page ranking, which solidifies your position when compared to your competition even further.

Twitter and Facebook have had major roles in this internet advertising boom, as the sheer number of users meant that the money spent on ads on these two platforms will reach more people, giving greater return of investment, something every company is going for these days.

Facebook in 2013 – Facebook has hit one billionth user this year, which made it one of the biggest internet platform to date for advertisement. However, things are not so rosy as they may seem at the first glance, as there has been a backlash from users who remember having privacy and access to content provided by their selected friends only, content which is now often interrupted by sponsored links and adds. The fact that Facebook mobile platforms underperformed at times when over 50% of all internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets is another sign that as advertising platform, Facebook is falling behind.

Twitter in 2013 – You’d think that a platform that hasn’t seen much change or innovation over the years will be falling behind in popularity and in value when it comes to advertising, but Twitter has been doing pretty well recently, mainly because of the role Twitter has had in political life of many around the world. Twitter has over 500 million active users (bear in mind that Facebook’s one billion of users does not account for fake accounts and bots). Pop culture brands, movies and music brands and clothing lines have had an especially impressive successes by advertising on this platform.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only places where you can advertise online, there are other platforms to look for in 2013 and 2014, and we’ll see how advertisment on them works in the future articles.

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VIP advertising services

What does VIP Advertising NJ offer to your business that you can’t find anywhere else? Quality is the name of the game here, and we’ve got solutions for any kind of promotional problems you run into. We have experience in connecting consumers with the products and services you offer, giving you brand awareness at cost effective rates and allowing you to focus on making your product better while we handle the marketing part of the work.

Marketing is the number one way to increase revenue today, and we have access to both traditional and modern media, allowing you to reach as many men as possible. From placing billboards, organizing community events which provide you with a chance to bond with the consumers, running adds in newspapers and on TV, to handling modern methods of advertising like Social Media campaigns and engaging in positive SEO practices, everything in on the menu, and we’ve got dedicated teams that work with each specific aspect of giving your company more customer exposure.

Our most popular services are: Business Consulting, Brand Planning, Graphic Design and Social Media Setup and Management

Business consulting will connect you to some of the experts in the field of marketing, allowing you to develop a plan for development of your product or service that will be most appealing for your customers. Planning stage is very crucial with every business marketing plan, which is why our consultants are always keeping an eye out on new trends and ways to change your strategy for maximal results.

Brand planning involves a lot of steps, from developing a logo that will represent your company and will become a symbol that your customers will recognize you by to developing a plan for getting more attention for your events, letting you get in contact with your customers directly instead of going through a middleman.

Graphic Design billboards and adds need to be planned properly if you want them to have desired effects, and our Graphic Design team has experience with every aspect of development and design for your company. Videos, banners, animations, infographics and illustrations, everything is within our expertise.

Social Media setup and Management services allow you to place your internet presence in the hands of experts who are up to date with modern SEO practices, allowing you to avoid many pitfalls of the always changing world of internet marketing. Blogging, copywriting and article promotions featuring your products and services which will drive a lot of internet traffic your way are all internet methods that our consultants excel at.

Classic and Modern advertising methods

Technological advancement has redefined every aspect of our lives over the last three decades, and that covers both our personal lives and our professional lives. Business planning, alike, had to undergo many transformations to fit into the modern society, and seeing how advertising was always the most cost effective way of increasing profits for a company, it’s no wonder it’s a number one concern for small, medium sized and large businesses alike.

There are all kinds of advertising methods and techniques, but they can generally be divided into traditional advertising methods and modern advertising methods. This divide represents a generational shift, and should be taken into account when you plan your advertizing. If your product or service is more likely to appeal to X generation, than you might consider using classic advertising methods to target them, with a dash of modern methods. On the other hand, Y generation is much more likely to pay attention to what you have to offer if you employ one of the modern advertising methods.

Let’s have a brief overview of them.

Classic advertising methods:

Billboards – this is one of the most popular classic advertising methods, especially in countries where commuting is common. Well placed billboards that convey an interesting message can greatly increase product and service awareness, if done right. There are great examples of billboard advertising to be found with just a bit of research.

Magazine ads – this method used to be much more efficient while printed newspapers were still regarded as vital part of obtaining information, but the effects have been slowly becoming less and less obvious. Still, targeted ad placement in a magazine whose readership can find your product useful is still a very good way of marketing your product.

Promotional products – everybody likes getting free stuff, and some simple items, like key chains, stress shapes, hats, umbrellas or pens, any of these can be made to represent your company clearly, giving consumers a positive associations with your company, which, in turn, generates more consumer awareness. Just make sure your logo is appropriate to the promotional product used, to avoid odd distortions that would allow people to mock or make fun of your brands.

Modern advertising methods:

E-Mail marketing – two decades of spamming has greatly reduced the effects of internet marketing, but with new changes to e-mail clients that can be made to filter unwanted content, e-mail marketing is picking up the pace yet again. In fact, more and more people are volunteering their emails to allow companies to send them promotional offers, which makes this a very cost effective way of increasing company’s sales.

Banner marketing – internet adds and banners have the similar niche in the marketing industry held by newspaper adds a generation ago. Make sure the add will be seen by site visitors which would innately have interest in your product, and this is a good method of advertising.

Social network marketing – this is seen as one of the most important marketing methods and SEO tools of the modern marketing world. Social Networks have great impact on lives of people, allowing people to quickly and easily share information with their friends. If they find a great promotion, product or a deal they are likely to share that info, but they’re just as likely to share any negative experiences with a company, so make sure you have what it takes to keep people happy if you want to go into Social Marketing arena. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest social campaigns can increase traffic and product awareness greatly, if done properly. Another sub-category of this marketing method has emerged recently in the form of e-sports team sponsorships.