Social Media and it’s business use

You will notice that more and more companies have strong presence in all forms of social media, and there’s a pretty good reason for that. There is a limit to number of customers and consumers, and companies worldwide have taken their advertising war to the brand new medium which attracts teens and older users alike. In fact, now’s about the time that the generations which were in their teens when they started using internet and have a habit of doing their research and shopping online have reached the age when they are the prime target audience for advertisment for all sorts of products, from home purchases to selling various services and and products.

What are the benefits a company with strong social media presence has over the company with no internet presence at all? Brand awareness and consumer awareness are two main factors for social media presence, but not the only ones. There’s always the SEO side of things to look at – if you’ve got a product that is being promoted in various ways on social networks, if there are people sharing and liking your content and if it’s something that’s being talked about, search engines will give you much higher page ranking, which solidifies your position when compared to your competition even further.

Twitter and Facebook have had major roles in this internet advertising boom, as the sheer number of users meant that the money spent on ads on these two platforms will reach more people, giving greater return of investment, something every company is going for these days.

Facebook in 2013 – Facebook has hit one billionth user this year, which made it one of the biggest internet platform to date for advertisement. However, things are not so rosy as they may seem at the first glance, as there has been a backlash from users who remember having privacy and access to content provided by their selected friends only, content which is now often interrupted by sponsored links and adds. The fact that Facebook mobile platforms underperformed at times when over 50% of all internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets is another sign that as advertising platform, Facebook is falling behind.

Twitter in 2013 – You’d think that a platform that hasn’t seen much change or innovation over the years will be falling behind in popularity and in value when it comes to advertising, but Twitter has been doing pretty well recently, mainly because of the role Twitter has had in political life of many around the world. Twitter has over 500 million active users (bear in mind that Facebook’s one billion of users does not account for fake accounts and bots). Pop culture brands, movies and music brands and clothing lines have had an especially impressive successes by advertising on this platform.

Facebook and Twitter aren’t the only places where you can advertise online, there are other platforms to look for in 2013 and 2014, and we’ll see how advertisment on them works in the future articles.

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